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Since 2007 under the label RAPFLEKTION rap-workshops are organized by the music project LÖWENHERTZ which is part of the youth department of the city of Braunschweig in Germany. At the end of a 10 month period of workshops the young rappers produce their own CD and present their songs live to an audience.

2010 the song RAPNATION was published on this release for the first time.

RAPNATION is not just a song. it's a symbol for a home, extended to youth all over the world to find a place in rap music. Every input is kind of an acoustic text message with an individual content. With a range from a self-manifestation to political statements.

Common language is the "flow" (the consonance of voice, beat, melody, accentuation, lyrics, and pronounciation of the rapper). This CD is a concrete example of multicultural life. The focused work together demands respect, curiosity and the ability to listen to each other. In order to find out how rap sounds in different languages. RAPNATION is a snapshot of a process with an open end. Klaus Gelhaar, master chief of project LÖWENHERTZ, recorded a verse with young rappers in Brasil in febuary 2011. The purpose is to send this song all around the world. This musical arrangement, suitable for dancing, will expand every year. In Braunschweig more international partners will be added and published with the RAPFLEKTION CD.

We wish to obtain a colaboration with our international twin-towns.



RAPNATION - The Song Informations to the projects (german)
Informations about RAPNATION Informations Rapflektion
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Pop Meets Classic

The girls and boys from Rapflektion had the joy and the honour to present the Rapnation song on the "Pop meets Classic" show in the Volkswagen Halle, Braunschweig in 2011.


K-BRA (Kübra) | Turkish (Singing)

Biz bir aileyiz, hep beraberiz, hangi sehirden sin hadi bahsedermisin?

We are one family. We are always together. Which city do you come from. Would you like to tell?

SEAD | Serbo-Croatian (Kosovo)

ja som yugoslavaz. ja idem moj pravaz. jasom ja a ne kati i ja sluscham sto mi vika mua mati. moj grad prizren mije smo zeno. Yeah, mje se postuemo

I am yugoslav. I follow my own way. I am me and not like you. I listen to what my mama says. My town? Prizren. We are together. Yeah, we accept each other.

SHELDON | French (Burundi)

Viens, viens! Ici est ma partie en français. Quand je rape tu vas brûler comme le soleil. "Big Shel" est là, tu comprends ou quoi ? RAPNATION est meilleure, ou quoi ? Nous sommes tous amis ca ne s’arrête pas. "Rapflektion" est comme une grande famille de différents pays et de différentes langues. Tu retrouves toutes les cultures dans cette chanson.

Come on, come on! This is my french part. When I rap you will burn like the sun. "Big Shel" is here, you understand, or what? RAPNATION is better, or what? We are all friends. It never ends. "Rapflektion" is like a big family from diffrent countries and different languages. You can find all the cultures in this song.

SUNY (Santano) | Sinti

ab gaba track raperaba me tumengi. ab romnes kei achte tu hako rakepen. di giness me hum ab ih bühna. me givaba. me ginaba di kelen ih tscha ab geia feira lambada.

On this track I rap for you in my language. You can also find other languages in here. I'm on stage, I rap. I know you will dance on this track.


KAAN DER TITAN (Kaan) | Turkish

Türkiyeden gelmis Annam, Babam yanimdan. (hic) birzaman ayrilmadan. Rap söyleyen Kaan Almanyadan, gaza basan herzaman, yenen adam!

From Turkey my mother and my father came. Never let me down. The rapping Kaan from germany. Going ahead. Always a winner.

FULL ONE (Esdra) | Italian

Io vivo in Germania con mia Madre, mi sono Chiesto perche sto cosi male, non sto piagendo, sto solo riflettendo, quello che Cercavo era la mia Italia dentro il mio pensiero.

I live with my mother in germany. I wonder why I feel so bad. I don't cry, I just reflect on it. What I searched for was my Italy in my thoughts.

J.B. (Jennifer) | German

RAPNATION! Ein multikulturelles Projekt. Höre verschiedene Sprachen auf diesem Track! Ich rap' über den Beat, Wir sind eine Family. Man erkennt uns. Zeigt Rassismus keine Anerkennung.

RAPNATION! A multicultural project. I can hear different languages on this song. I rap onto the beat. We are one family. Show no appreciation to racism.

OLEK | Polish

Hey ziom na tym podkładzie różne kultury, łączą się w jednej grupie rap nation. biały czarny, wszyscy razem, pod jednym dachem. Rap łączy nas, Rap łączy świat, Rap International, wierzysz w to, słyszysz song RAPNATION numer One.

Hey pal, different cultures unite on the beat to one group, RAPNATION. White people, black people, all together under one roof. Rap unites us, rap connects the world, rap international, do you belive in it? you listen to the song RAPNATION number one.

SEBASTIAN | Spanish (Kolumbien)

La musica, la gente, que es muy alegre, la rumba no se muere, tu culo se mueve, en mi mundo te pierdes, derepente Medellin, Cartagena Bogotá, cada ciudad tiene otra vidá esto es America Latina, esto es America Latina!!

The music, the people who are bright, rumba never dies. Your ass moves, you lose yourself in my world suddenly. Medellin, Cartagena, Bogotá, every city has a differnt kind of life. This is latin america, this is latin america!

DR.BAD (Mohamed) | Arabian (Tunesian)

"This lyrics can not be written down in arabian letters. Tunisian is an arabian dialect but the writing is coming exclusively from the high arabian language. Certainly every tunesian can understand the lyrics."

Tunesia fellow countrymann, the night disappears when the moon arises. Listen to my rap and understand. Listen and reflect before you judge me. You have to understand what it means: every country has it's rites. This country gathers and unites the different cultures. Germany, who ever thought of a youth singing about the culture of different lands.

ALBO (Muhamet) | Albanian

Pe baj kët rep/ për Kosovën... senet që i kam ba / ato nuk harrohen... Dashni për Shqipërin, dashni pë Krajkovë.../ nuk ësht vendi im / ato prap mendohen... Drenasi Drenica, vendi që u linda, në zemer ju mbaj dej t'më vjen dita. N'Kosov du me ka, familjen me pa, hajgare me ba dhe me qesh hala. E kam ni shok, Prishtinali, ësht hajgaregji askush sja ka zili jo...

I write this rap for the Kosovo. The things I came to know, I will never forget. Love for Albania, love for Krajkovë, not my place of birth but I think of them. Drenasi and Drenica, I carry you in my heart 'til the last day that I'll die. Soon I will come to Kosovo to meet my relatives, to embrace each other and to hang out together. Also here I'm not alone. I have a good friend he is a Prishtinali. He is always in a good mood, everybody likes him.

LEHLO (Leandro) | Portugiesisch (Brasil)

Da licença, tô chegando. Esse é meu Brasil guerreiro de mulata, futebol, carnaval o ano inteiro. Grito ao mundo inteiro se quiser pode chega, na paz.  Hospitalidade de mineiro que fala uai.  Rapnation é isso ai. Disciplina e verdade não importa de onde vem sempre ha oportunidade.

Excuse me, I am coming. This is my fierce brasil with mulattos, soccer, carnival the whole year. I cry it out into the whole world: you can come if you want, in peace!
Hospitality of the Mineiros (from the state of Minas Gerais) who talk Uai (local idiom) Rapnation is, what it is: (self) discipline and truth. It is not important where it comes from but there is always an opportunity.

English translation by Michael Ladebusch. If existent, excuse the mistakes!

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